An Incomparable Opportunity to Win the Vietnam War in 1970

An Incomparable Opportunity to Win the Vietnam War in 1970

(Answering the Book 1 Question: Could the Vietnam War Have Been Won?)

Dr. Daniel P. Schrage, Colonel USAR Ret; SES Level 3 Civil Service Ret; Professor Emeritus Georgia Tech Ret Modified VHPA 39th Reunion Presentation, from May 26, 2022

Copyright Daniel P. Schrage

Rationale for this Presentation

  • While writing a first book in a trilogy of my three careers I reviewed my experiences in the Vietnam War in 1970-71 and compared them with accounts and experiences documented in other references, i.e. books, studies, foreign policy and Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) documents, along with the recent Fox Nation videos on “The Vietnam War.”

  • While some speculation has it that the Vietnam War was winnable, no one has documented how and when it could have been won.

  • Also, those writing or judging the outcome never actually experienced or clearly understood all the key elements that would cause the War to be won on lost in the 1970 Cambodia Incursion

  • This presentation documents actual experiences and compares them with conclusions from other parties.

  • Its objective is to draw the conclusion that those actually participating in fighting the Vietnam War did their best to win the war and could have in 1970

Some Key Numbered References to Explain the Vietnam War


Explains Air Mobility Success in Vietnam War


Documents Poor Decision Making


Search & Destroy Functions With Enemy KIAs as Metric Mainly Used w/ U.S. Forces 1965-1968


Clear, Hold & Secure Functions for Pacification, Vietnamization 1968-1972


.Conclusion: Gens Westmoreland & Abrams didn’t Actually lose the Vietnam War; Defense Secretary Melvin Laird did by not funding Army and then accelerating Troop Reduction in 1970-71

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